We are passionate about showing our trees the respect and care they deserve.

With over 15 years of education and experience caring for trees in all kinds of situations from storm emergencies, pruning, removal or maintenance; Tree LC prides itself  on the knowledge and value we give our customers in their time of need. We understand that tree care is an investment in the value of your landscape and our wide range of tree care services offer to directly impact the beauty of your property, helping your investment grow.


  • I have used Tree L C for many different jobs in my yard. Ken and his crew came on the job and conducted themselves as professionals. My yard is small with three large trees,Ken removed one tree and pruned two others.When he was finished the trees he pruned were beautifully shaped. And best of all the area was left clean of any debris. I highly recommend Tree L C.

    — Carol Bagget

  • Ken is a genius! My property was a mess after I purchased it in 2012. My 30 foot garden hedge, cherry tree and apple tree were chaotic and just plain embarrassing for my neighbours to see (not to mention all of the shrubs). Tree L C came in and they cleaned it up for me. They did an amazing job and their fantastic service is something that will bring me back in the future for upkeep. My garden is perfect and I’m proud to show it off now. Their courteous employees do amazing work for reasonable prices and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys.

    — Michele Sossin

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